Keynote Speaker

Kevin M. Yates is known in the global training, learning and talent development community as the L&D Detective™. He solves measurement mysteries and investigates the impact of training and learning. Having worked with world renown brands including Grant Thornton, Kantar, McDonald’s, and Meta (Facebook), Kevin leverages his experience and expertise for revealing effectiveness and impact for training and learning. The core of his L&D Detective work is using facts, clues, evidence, and data to reveal training and learning’s contribution and impact on human and business performance. He is also president and founder of Meals in the Meantime, a nonprofit helping people who need food with pop-up food pantries.

Keynote Session

Find the Facts: The Truth, The Whole Truth, and Nothing but the Truth about Measuring Impact

There’s what is idealistically true and then there’s what is actionably true for measuring impact for training and learning. Uncovering the facts about training and learning’s impact on human and business performance can be difficult but is also possible. Join Kevin M. Yates, the L&D Detective™, as he reveals the possibilities with his impact investigation techniques for measuring training and learning’s contribution to human and business performance.

You’ll work alongside the L&D Detective™ and solve a measurement mystery together in this immersive, unconventional keynote impact investigation. You will discover the performance-based approach for measuring impact, examine how to align training and learning with performance metrics for measurable outcomes, identify facts, clues, evidence, and data that reveal impact, examine how performance needs analysis replaces training needs analysis for measuring impact, and discover what is actionable verses aspirational for measuring impact.

Join Kevin as he shares fact-based strategies for measuring impact that are firmly rooted in the truth, and most importantly, practices that are immediately actionable.